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by Martin E. Meserve

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These pages are developed and rather thouroughly tested using Netscape 7.1 on a PC. I have also done some lesser testing using Netscape 7.0 (Solaris 8, Unix), and Internet Explorer 5.5 (PC). It takes long enough to develope and test a page as it is without trying everything on multiple types and versions of browsers, therefore, no attempt will be made to test these pages on any other versions of Netscape, Internet Explorer, or any other browser, unless there is a large demand.

Note that some older versions of Netscape, like Netscape 4.78 (PC), do not understand some of the JavaScript references and can't manage tables within tables. The pages still work as advertised but there may be a lot of cosmetic oddities and the pages will look really wierd. If you have one of these older versions and the pages don't look right, all I can say is "upgrade".

I can not recommend any version of Internet Explorer. I have tried several versions of this browser, PC and Unix, and I don't like any of them. They eventually get around to rendering the web page, but not before it gives you a bunch of annoying popups. I know this is because this browser is targeted heavily and it's shortcommings are exploited, but that's the way it is. Every time I use Internet Explorer, I regret it. On older versions, the popups just hang the browser and you can't get very far into the web site.

No Java® is used on any of these web pages, only JavaScript®. Make sure that JavaScript® is enabled on your web browser.

Most of my JavaScript® is loaded when you open the page and is not part of the HTML page. Should you attempt to view the page source it will not be visable. Therefore, if you download the HTML page to your local system, it probably will not work. For details on my development and programming methods, see my web page on Developing in HTML and JavaScript®.

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