Important Information from QSO - Element 1A (9 WPM) TEST 0
1What is the receiving station's call sign?W7ZPQ/6
2What is the receiving operator's name?MAC
3What is the RST signal report (all three digits)?559
4What is the transmitting operator's name?NORM
5What state is the transmitting operator in?PENNSYLVANIA
6What equipment is used by the transmitting station (model number)?TS850
7The transmitting operator's station runs ________ watts.210
8The antenna is a(n) __________.TRIBANDER
9The antenna height is __________.24 FEET
10What is the transmitting station's call sign?KJ3X
Complete Text of QSO
Morse prosigns are represented in ASCII: BT as "=", AR as "+", and SK as "*"
vvv vvv W7ZPQ/6 de kj3x = good to hear you again MAC. rst 559. name is NORM. location is gettysburg, PENNSYLVANIA. rig is kenwood TS850 running 210 watts. antenna is TRIBANDER 24 FEET high. how copy? w7zpq/6 de KJ3X + *