Inductance of a Flat Strip over a Ground Plane

The figure to the right shows the dimensional requirements for calculating the inductance of a Flat Strip over a Ground Plane. The Flat Strip is usually etched into a printed circuit board and the Ground Plane is usually a continuous layer of copper on the opposite side of a printed circuit board.

This program uses formulae published in the ARRL Handbook For Radio Amateurs. The equation listed below is not as messy as the one for a Straight Wire over a Ground Plane, but it's still requires a lot of work if you don't have a programmable calculator or know how to use one. Just enter your data in the spaces provided below and let the web page do the calculation. All input data is converted to inches for calculation purposes, however, for entry purposes, the dimensions can be mixed or matched.

Input Data

Strip Width (w):

Strip Length (b):

Thickness (h):

Output Data: