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VHF/UHF Yagi Antenna Quick Designer
by Martin E. Meserve

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This page is intended for users that want to experiment with a yagi design but do not need all the rhetoric contained on the main Yagi Design Page. This page assumes that you have already read the information on the Yagi Design Page and understand what each of the text boxes and selectors are for. This page minimizes all the clicking, scrolling, and popups but still uses all of the same equations as the main Yagi Design Page. Any changes to the input data is immediately rendered in the design data at the bottom of the page.

0 . 

At this frequency, the Boom Diameter should be limited to:
x = x

It is recommended that the element diameters be limited to between 0.001 and 0.02 wavelengths. At x, this is x to x, or x to x. The idea here is to keep the diameter small in relation to the element length. Thus, as frequency increases, the useful element diameter decreases.

Design Synopsys

Design Synopsys

Antenna Dimensions Antenna Dimensions