Plate Capacitors

On the right is the equation for calculating the effective capacitance of 2, or more, metal plates separated by a dielectric. A different unit multiplier can be used for Metric units as opposed to US units.

Plate Length
Plate Width
Plate Separation
Number of Plates
Dielectric Constant

In the appropriate boxes above, enter the required data, and then click your mouse outside the entry area. The effective plate area and capacitance will be displayed in the text box. When entering the length and width, only consider the portion of the plates that overlap.

Measurement units can be mixed and matched. This is because all entries are converted to inches before calculating. Output data is presented in both US and Metric units.

The Dielectric Constants are listed in order from smallest to largest. For any of the dielectrics listed their constantwill be listed next to the selection. However, if you want to use a dielectric constant that is different than the ones listed, select Other from the bottom of the list and then enter the constant in the space provided.